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4 Hours

Respirator Safety Training

The Respirator Safety Program is designed for Industrial, Commercial, Construction, and Healthcare.

Our Fit Testing program is based on the standards and procedures of the respiratory mask manufacturer, the OHSA and Regulations, as well as the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). The fit-testing process involves selecting the correct size and type of respirator (mask) for each worker and ensuring that he/she knows how to use it correctly. The objective of QLFT is to ensure an effective seal when using a tight fitting face piece (respirator). The following topics are covered during a QLFT: Proper donning and doffing Performing seal checks Care, use and maintenance Differences between N-Series, R-Series, P-Series respirators as well as half and full face respirators. Any person who is required to wear a tight fitting face piece during the course of their normal day to day duties, or any person who is required to wear a tight fitting face piece for emergency response activities, should be fit tested to ensure an effective seal. All participants who successfully complete the fit test are provided with a wallet card indicating the respirator fitted and its size.


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