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COR Certificate of Recognition Auditor

There are many benefits to pursuing COR which is why the number of certified companies in Ontario continues to grow each year. Completing the COR program reinforces your company’s commitment to safety excellence, will help attract more safety-conscious workers to your firm, and the audit process can uncover gaps in your safety system to help you continuously improve your performance.


First things first, let’s outline what COR is: the Certificate of Recognition (COR™) is an occupational health and safety accreditation, given to organizations with EHS programs that meet national safety standards. The COR program also provides employers with an audit tool that helps assess the effectiveness of their health and safety management systems. COR originated in Alberta 20 years ago and the movement is now spreading across Canada to drive positive workplace behavior and ultimately improve safety performance. COR made its way to Ontario 5 years ago. The reputational impact of COR is also substantial. COR-certified companies often get more work as they qualify ahead of uncertified firms for certain jobs. COR certification helps assure your clients that your company truly values safety and uses best-in-class safety practices while on the job.

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